Reviews that suck

"Congratulations on the best video ever made." Judge MSRMC film contest

"I don't usually write bad reviews about amateur work. However, in this case I'm making an exception. Clearly the director (dad) and his two sons had fun making a little political commentary. That's fine. But shaky cameras, really terrible audio, and no real point made this painful, both physically and mentally, and it should have stayed at home with them for private viewing. The friends I went with came out of the outdoor shorts program with a diminished view of AIFF in general because of this one film (and no, none of us are Republicans), and I was left trying to make excuses as to how such a video could have made it past the programmers. Bottom line, it shouldn't have."    


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"Oh my God! I laughed so hard, I nearly wet myself."

Random A.I.F.F. moviegoer

"Great idea, poor execution."

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Reviews that don't suck

"We almost made it thru a whole OPN without a zombie movie. It’s a damn shame."

#OPN8 #IWishIWasDead

"An interesting take on what is really causing glaciers to recede."

2012 Festival Genius review